Engine Services

Full break services mechanic shopJust oil change and lube services may not be enough to maintain the engine of your vehicle in top shape! You need a trusted mechanic shop to maintain your automobile's engine at its highest shape possible. Auto Technica has a staff of certified technicians that can do more than just oil change. Our engine services include all internally lubricated parts for rotary, gas and diesel engines; block; cylinder heads and barrels; turbocharger and supercharger housing and internal parts; waste gate and control valve; intercooler; timing belt, gears, tensioner, idler and bolt; balance shaft, belt and bolt; all pulleys and their bolts; harmonic balancer and bolt; intake and exhaust manifold; mounts; cushions; flex plate; flywheel; ring gear; timing and valve covers; oil filter adapter; oil pan; dipstick and tube; coolant, lubricant, and filters.