Full break services mechanic shopWhen was the last time you pressed brakes at your car and it sounded like a metal-to-metal friction noise? When this happens, your automobile brakes' disks are being worn and you end up paying even more to fix it! You see, this happens because your mechanic did not tell you in advance that your car needs her brake shows be changed!
Auto Technica offers full service brakes including master cylinder; vacuum assist booster; power assist booster and valve; hydro boost; calipers; wheel cylinders; combination valve; load distribution valve; power brake cylinder; parking brake assembly; brake pedal assembly; backing plates; metal lines and fittings. We also diagnose and repair electronic control processor, booster, solenoids, wheel speed sensor and exciters, relays and computer module, hydraulic pump/motor assembly, pressure modulator valve, accumulator, proportioning valves and control valves.