Air Conditioning & Heating

Full break services mechanic shopWhen was the last time that you checked your heating and A/C system? Waiting for a system failure could cost you your compressor or heating core, which can cost you much more than preventive maintenance. Who wants to sweat it out in the summer and freeze in the winter? Ask our certified technicians about a service check when we do a regular oil change for your vehicle, or call us at (408) 739-8830 and make an appointment before the summer heat kicks in!
Our cooling and heating services include compressor and mounting bracket; clutch and field coil; idler pulley, bearing and mounting bracket; serpentine belt, tensioner, bearing and pulley; condenser; evaporator; receiver-drier; accumulator; expansion and POA valve; high/low compressor cutoff switch; pressure cycling switch; orifice tube; blower motor, fan and resistor; heater core; heater control valve; ducts; and checking for any leak, compressor oil, Freeon, filter, refrigerant, and recharging system.